“SDR PurpleRadiance” is all about fetching the data from the server in no time in order to narrow down your investigation purpose. It works on Client Server architecture. After sending the request to the server to obtain the details for a specific number the server sends back the details i.e. Name and Address of that target number. SDR PurpleRadiance can be installed at the central location and acts as a hub for all customers. Security is provided with the product so that no data breach could occur. Added Advantage the data you fetch from server can be shared with your colleague via WhatsApp and SMS. For future reference the data can also be saved in your mobile.

If you are on field for your investigation then it becomes very difficult and tedious job to get details of a particular number. If you find any number which may be suspected you can immediately get his complete name and address by sending just a request to the server. If you are an authorized user you will receive for what you’ve asked for. The server can be uploaded with SDRs as per availability of your data. Thus, even if you are on the field or busy with some important work you can go on with your investigation. Thus, the SDR PurpleRadiance reduces your strain and stress by avoiding to ask every time the service provider for the details of target number. Also, this product is user friendly and light on your resources.

The server can be updated with various Authenticated users so that data could not be compromised. If an unauthorized user sends request to the server to obtain the confidential data, there is no response from the server. Hence the security of your data remains protected always.

What we can do with SDR PurpleRadiance

  • User can store all India SDR database.
  • Provision to give access to multiple user any time.
  • User can search number withing SDR database from anywhere from mobile device.
  • Facility to share and export data.

Software Images

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