Overview PurpleRadiance

PurpleRadiance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the global provider of Intelligence, Crime investigation and Multimedia software. These solutions use countries leading   law enforcement, defense and national security organizations to prevent and investigate crime. PurpleRadiance suite of solutions is the result of continuous and insightful innovation and has helped over 1000 customers all over India. More than 12 different security organizations have relied on PurpleRadiance’s proven technology to forecast, prevent and investigate crime and terrorism. PurpleRadiance safeguard the security of country by providing advance solutions.

Over the last few years, from concept to marketing we have delivered a variety of highly innovative solutions across the entire Crime investigation, multimedia and in related verticals

To become the helping hands of law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and help to make the world better.
Our Vision is to play a key role in enriching every product experience and expand our global market leadership in Crime Investigation and related domain.
PurpleRadiance is built on four core values that make us different from competitors. We are innovative, reliable, passionate and customer centric.
We believe that growth of the organization depends on innovation. Our passion at PurpleRadiance is to provide platform for new innovations across all verticals of our business.
At PurpleRadiance we treat everyone by the same set of core principles. We will always honour our commitments and fulfill expectations under all circumstances.
By being in business for more than 10 years we have obtained a customer base of more than 3000 customers all over India and overseas. As a great part of the family, our customers are of prime importance and their needs and suggestions will always be put forth.
At PurpleRadiance we have an exceptionally talented and highly educated staff who are always ready to take great responsibilities to excel in every parameter by providing the best product.

Technology Capability

At PurpleRadiance, we understand the strategic nature of business initiative for our clients. We are focused on providing them with risk mitigation and process excellence in our chosen areas.

We provide our clients with an integrated IT and Operations value proposition that helps optimize the process and underlying technology applications to provide long-term value to clients. We leverage the breadth of technology expertise from our strong work force. We work with our clients to understand the impact of technology on productivity and are willing to invest in developing tools to enhance customer value.

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